Before setting up Stripe for production, ensure you have completed the previous steps, including Stripe webhooks setup.

Setup Stripe Production

Here's a guide on how to get your Stripe ready for production:

Head to Stripe

Visit Stripe website (opens in a new tab) and login to your account.

Website & branding

Go to [Settings] ⮕ [Business] ⮕ [Public Details] and add your website URL.

Go to [Settings] ⮕ [Business] ⮕ [Branding] and add your logo & colors.

Customer notifications

Go to [Settings] ⮕ [Business] ⮕ [Customer Emails] and enable notifications for successful payments & refunds.

Customer portal (optional)

Go to [Settings] ⮕ [Billing] ⮕ [Customer Portal] and activate the link if you plan to use it later.

Fraud prevention

In the search box, type "rules" and click [Radar] ⮕ [Rules].

Make sure the first 3DS rule is enabled (highly recommended).

Stripe 3DS

Consider enabling the second 3DS rule for additional protection (optional).

Underneath, ensure [Block if CVC verification fails] is enabled.

Stripe CVC

Turn off test mode


Turn OFF Test mode in your Stripe Dashboard.

Create Products & Prices


Deploy your project to Vercel before creating products and prices. This ensures they're properly added to your database.

After turning off Test mode, you can create products and prices in Stripe similarly to what you have done for local development.