Local Development


ShipAIFast safeguards against abuse with intelligent rate limiting. You can choose a fixed window approach, which divides time into fixed-size windows and setting a limit on the number of requests allowed within each window, or a sliding window approach, which dynamically adjusts the allowed requests within a specific time frame, preventing overwhelming traffic spikes. For easy setup, you can leverage Upstash or a Redis-compatible solution.

Here's a guide on how to setup Upstash:

Head to Upstash

Visit Upstash website (opens in a new tab) and create an account if you don't have one already.

Create Database

Go to [Redis] then click [+ Create Database].

You can choose a specific region if you have latency or data residency requirements.

Click [Create] button to finalize the process.

Update .env.local

Paste the secrets into the .env.local file.