Hey maker, welcome to ShipAIFast!

ShipAIFast is a comprehensive boilerplate specifically designed to accelerate your journey into the exciting world of AI development. We provide the essential building blocks and streamlined workflows to get your AI project up and running quickly, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - creating innovative features and delivering exceptional user experiences.

Getting Started

ShipAIFast uses several well-known SaaS products to help you build your AI apps.

  • Supabase: used for user authentication, file storage, and database functionality.

  • OpenAI: apps are built on top of the foundation of OpenAI.

  • Stripe: used for subscription and invoice management.

  • Resend: used for improved email deliverability.

  • Upstash: used for rate limiting.

  • Vercel: while Vercel deployment isn't mandatory, it streamlines the process for early-stage Next.js projects. ShipAIFast use Vercel for environment setup and domain management.

Next steps

Follow these steps to setup your project for local development .

Follow these steps to setup your project for production.