Ensure you are admin.

Go to Supabase [Table Editor] ⮕ [users], search for your email and change is_admin to TRUE.

Supabase admin

You then can visit admin dashboard at:


The admin dashboard empowers you to unlock valuable insights into how users interact with your AI service.

  • Usage analytics: Gain a understanding of user behavior. See how many users are actively using your service and track changes in request volume over time. This allows you to identify trends, anticipate future needs, and optimize resource allocation.

  • Model utilization: Identify which how AI models are being used with your user base.

  • Cost estimation: Get a picture of the estimated costs associated with user activity. This allows you to effectively manage your budget and make informed decisions about pricing strategies.

Admin dashboard

Admin chart


User analytics dashboard provide you usage information of each user.

Admin user


Prompt analytics dashboard provides a clear view of prompt usage within your service, including individual prompt costs

Admin prompt