Supabase's email functionality is a great starting point, but consider using an external provider for two key reasons:

  • Rate limit: External providers offer higher sending limits, crucial for large-scale email campaigns.

  • Your reputation: External providers give you more control over sender reputation, improving deliverability.


For seamless email management, consider Resend as your email provider. It integrates effortlessly with Supabase, giving you powerful features and improved deliverability.

Head to Resend

Visit Resend website (opens in a new tab) and create an account if you don't have one already.

Setup domain

Follow this guide (opens in a new tab) to to setup you domain in Resend.

Setup integration.

Follow this guide (opens in a new tab) to to setup integration with Supabase.

Go to [Project Settings] ⮕ [Authentication] to see whether SMTP is configured correctly with Resend.

Supabase SMTP

Email Template

Setup site URL for your email templates.

Go to Supabase [Authentication] ⮕ [URL Configuration].

Supabase site URL

Finally, don't forget to personalize your email experience! Customize Supabase email templates to match your brand for a cohesive user experience.

Go to Supabase [Authentication] ⮕ [Email Templates].

Supabase email