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This Next.js & Supabase boilerplate is your shortcut to build your AI SaaS. It has a collection of ready-made, AI-powered features and apps that you'll have complete control over. You can use them right away, or easily customize them to fit your needs.

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Spend your time building your startup, don't spend your time integrating APIs for the 99th time. Login users, process payments and create AI-powered apps at warp speed. Our prebuilt AI-ready apps offer a foundation of modular components, ready for your unique customizations and future growth.
  • AI assistant as a companion for coding, web exploration and information retrieval.
  • Chat with your PDF file to find exactly what you're looking for by using natural language.
  • Waveform visualization with playback controls for easy manipulation (play, pause, scrub).
  • Image and audio generation with storage for long term consumption.
  • OpenAI latest Assistant API with thread, run, file search and streaming capabilities.
  • Anthropic (Claude) latest models with enhanced intelligence and performance.
  • Friendly user interface with thread management, chat history and sharing.
  • Admin dashboard with rate limiting and usage monitoring.
Prebuilt AI apps

My Story

Hey there, this is Son. I have explored a wide range of boilerplate options, both open-source and paid, but they are often outdated and more importantly lacked the AI functionalities I envisioned. So I decided to build ShipAIFast.

My goal is simple: Provide a best-in-class prebuilt AI-ready apps using Next.js & Supabase so that you can quickly set up for prototyping and turn your AI idea into apps in hours, not weeks. I am constantly expanding the range of AI features available through ShipAIFast. In addition to the current options, I plan to integrate more APIs like Anthropic (Claude), Stability, etc... Feel free to share any specific requirements you have, and I'll do my best to accommodate them.



ShipAIFast Pro

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ShipAIFast Pro features

  • 9 AI-ready apps prebuilt with user-friendly interface and modular architecture for flexible customization.
  • Next.js modern code with all the essential features that you need to launch fast.
  • Supabase database for user authentication, thread management, chat history, storage for files.
  • Tailwind pre-configured with Flowbite components, typography, pattern, animation.
  • Stripe to handle subscription, payment and invoice management.
  • OpenAI integrated seamlessly with OpenAI latest Assistant API, all out-of-the-box.
  • Anthropic new integrated seamlessly with Anthropic (Claude) latest models.
  • Replicate new integrated and worked seamlessly with latest 100+ open-source models, such as sdxl, llama, mistral, via Replicate.
  • Playwright end to end and visual testing.
  • Admin dashboard to provide updates about how users use your SaaS.
  • Usage and limit for efficiency usage and cost management.
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